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When last did you have your home or premises inspected? Do you know whether any structural or hazardous problems exist or could arise in the future? Building inspections Warkworth, Mangawhai, North Shore, & Albany are critical to identifying these problems before they can become a catastrophe.

Apart from the obvious, such as inspecting for pests/structural damage caused by pests, water damage, asbestos and lead paint, there are a number of additional tests that need to be provided as part of a comprehensive building inspection. The conventional as well as additional tests provided by Hawkeye building inspections Warkworth, Mangawhai, North Shore, & Albany are to ensure the health and safety of every person on the premises.

1. Buying or Selling

Before buying a property, you should insist on seeing a building inspection report. If you are selling, potential buyers may request this report from you before they are willing to go ahead with a purchase. A pre-purchase building inspection Warkworth, Mangawhai, North Shore, & Albany covers a wide range of issues that are problematic or could arise in the future. As a building owner, this report presents the opportunity to make the necessary repairs or upgrades and as a potential buyer, gives you the option to withdraw from a purchase agreement should problems have been detected. Keep in mind that you may require a pre-purchase inspection report on a property before a bank or other financial institution will approve a mortgage, home loan or other type of finance for a specific property.

2. Electrical and Plumbing

Electrical or plumbing pipes, wiring, circuits and other components can age and are likely to succumb to wear and tear overtime. It is of utmost importance to test for leaks as these could result in severe structural damage as well as cause electrical and other hazards such as mould. A building inspection will ensure that the electrical and plumbing in a building are up to date and up to standard.

3. Asbestos Testing

Although the use of asbestos in construction was banned decades ago, there are still buildings that contain this highly hazardous material. It is therefore still important to have a building tested for asbestos even if it is new and should not have asbestos in the structure.

4. Meth / P Testing

Most people are unaware of what P testing is and why it is necessary. Basically this test is to detect any dangerous residue that remains from cooking and using Methamphetamine (Meth). Even a minuscule amount of meth can result in mild to severe health conditions especially of a respiratory nature and may in some cases be fatal.

5. Environmental Risks

Expert building inspections Warkworth, Mangawhai, North Shore, & Albany should also check for any environmental hazards and risks that may be present. These risks should be listed in the inspection report.

In order to ensure that you are receiving professional building inspections Warkworth, Mangawhai, North Shore, & Albany, it is highly recommended to choose experienced providers who have some qualification or skill in the building and construction industry. Hawkeye House Inspections have decades of experience in providing inspections and reports that ensure that a structure meets with standards required by the New Zealand Building Code.